Too Many Puppies

DESEXING FOR $25 for the Bully Breeds, Bully Crosses, Shar-Peis and Brindles living in the Nelson/Tasman area.

We've set up this project for these types of dogs.


These large mixed breeds tend to have big litters, which means there's too many dogs and too few homes. So they die and it doesn't matter how loving, or gentle, or how much they want to please you and how much they want to live there's just not enough homes.

All across New Zealand these are the dogs that die every day because there are too many and they are too hard to rehome.

If you want to know more about this look at the Pets on the Net website based in Auckland they explain all the reasons you should get your dog desexed. On our 'Some facts' page we've given two examples of how many pups can result from just one litter.


All desexing will be carried out by Victory Vets at Victory Square in Nelson. Without their support and endorsement this project would not be possible. If your application is approved and you have paid the full fee of $25, you are responsible for making the appointment with Victory Vets, taking your dog in (unless otherwise arranged) and your dog's post-operative care. Remember no food after 9pm on the night before surgery and only light exercise (no swimming) for the 5 days following for males and 9 days following for females.

Apply by either:

• Completing the online application form (this is the easiest)

• Printing an application form, completing and then emailing to deb@toomanypuppies.co.nz

• Calling 0220 803 599 and talking to Deb.

Pick up and drop off for your dog can be discussed.

No more unwanted puppies no more having to put them down.

In memory of all the dogs I've known Golden Eyes, Panda, Ernie, Stan, Chase and Bandit and of all the dogs and puppies who die and may never even have a name.